Biomass utilized according to the customer's demand, without limitation by resource characteristics.

The best product for each resource and procurement amount will vary. With our proprietary technologies, we support the utilization of energy from many angles, including heat supply, power generation, and liquid fuel synthesis.

Our Proprietary Technologies
  • 1

    Heat supply from biomass combustion

  • 2

    Liquid fuel synthesis from biomass

  • 3

    CO2 absorption and fixation through fast-growing plants*

    *Plants that require a short period of
    time between planting and harvesting

  • 4

    Gasification of any biomass and synthesis of biomass liquid fuels (FT synthesis)

  • 5

    Biomass power generation (gas engine power generation) is feasible.

*Plants that require a short period of
time between planting and harvesting

After pulverizing and feeding the biomass, it passes through an combustion furnace, reactor, evaporator, circulating water treatment system, and gas cooler, and is eventually used as product gas utilization or converted to various fuels.
  • B-Series

    Biomass Boiler

    The system can accept all types of wood, herbaceous, and biomass materials that cannot be used in conventional biomass boilers.
    Regardless of the type or part of the plant, including branches, leaves, stems, and bark, is able to be utilized as feedstock.

  • G-Series

    Biomass Gasification System

    The heat from the biomass boiler can be converted into various types of energy, including power generation, gas, and liquid fuel.
    This system is ideal for business models that wish to utilize clean energy derived from biomass.

  • Synthetic Fuels & Hydrogen

    Liquid Synthetic Fuel Utilization

    Liquid fuels and hydrogen are synthesized in a single process through FT synthesis, in which biomass gas is passed through various catalytic vessels at high pressure. Biomass gas produced by our technology has properties suitable for FT synthesis and can be directly used in the liquid fuel synthesis process. It is efficient, suitable for mass production, and has the potential to meet a vast array of market needs.


For those considering a business that utilizes biomass

What we can propose depends on your energy utilization needs and the raw materials you wish to consider utilizing.
The business model will differ depending if you need to utilize the resources you have on hand now or procure resources in the future.

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