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Synthesizing Economic and Environmental Energy Solutions

CO2 reduction efforts are advancing on a global scale, Life Cycle Assessment is becoming more and more important. Biomass energy, which is made from organic matter that absorbs CO2 from the air, is expected to be a CO2-neutral next-generation energy source, CO2 neutral, next-generation energy sources.

We have been dealing with various biomass resources for many years, Biomass Energy Corporation has been working on technological innovations in that time. We have been working on technological innovations to provide energy solutions that combine economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. We have been promoting energy utilization in various fields such as heat supply, power generation, and liquid fuel synthesis as an energy solution that is combinable with economic efficiency and environmental sustainability. We have been pioneering the possibilities of biomass energy step-by-step.

If biomass energy becomes more accessible the future of the earth will change drastically. We will continue to pursue technology and contribute to the future of our planet.

CEO Mitsunori Hiramoto

Our Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to the preservation of the global environment by utilizing biomass resources to provide CO2 neutral and CO2 negative energy to the entire world.

Our Objective

Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale by gasifying, liquifying, and burning solid biomass to fluidize biomass energy.

Practice effective use of resources on a global scale by recycling agricultural, forestry, beverage processing residues, construction waste, etc.

About Us

Company Name
Ikeda Building 2F 18-22
Izumi-machi Isahaya-City Nagasaki 854-0003 Japan
TEL: +81-957-46-8511
FAX: +81-957-46-8001
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Research and Development Center
735-3 Meshiro-machi Isahaya-City Nagasaki, 854-0007 Japan Google Map
Tokyo Office
Takasago Building 5F 1-3-1
Uchikanda Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-0047 JAPAN
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1.17 billion yen (capital reserve: 1.16 billion yen) as of 31th March 2024
Total number of shares issued and outstanding
Main Bank
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
President and CEO Mitsunori Hiramoto
Chairman Masayasu Sakai (Professor Emeritus, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science)
Director Sunao Watanabe
Director Seizou Uenou
Director Andrew Au (CEO of Asia Biomass Pte Ltd.)
Director Takashi Yoneda
Auditor Noriaki Ogou

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About the Global Network

The ideal way to utilize biomass energy is implementation where biomass is generated from the perspective of LCA.
Since Southeast Asia is a region with a large amount of biomass, we established Asia Biomass Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, the center of Southeast Asia, in 2013 with the CEO of a local company in order to actively utilize biomass energy.

In March 2016, a biomass gasification pilot plant was installed at the Rendertec plant of the joint venture partner. The biomass gas produced by the gasification plant is used as a heat source during mortar production.
Through Asia Biomass Pte. Ltd. we will provide solutions to environmental problems by actively producing energy from the various types of biomass resources that exist in the Southeast Asia region.


For those considering a business that utilizes biomass

What we can propose depends on your energy utilization needs and the raw materials you wish to consider utilizing.
The business model will differ depending if you need to utilize the resources you have on hand now or procure resources in the future.

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