Synthesizing Economic and Environmental Energy Solutions


We are a company established to contribute to the prevention of global warming and the building of a sustainable society in Japan and abroad through the development and commercialization of technologies aimed at utilising biomass resources for energy.


As a Pioneer in Biomass Utilization Technology

We are at the forefront of technology in biomass gasification and conversion to liquid fuel processes. We have people from academia and within industry with extensive experience in biomass energy use. Our focus is creating a new future for renewable energy development, supported by the extensive intellectual property projects of our associated companies in collaboration with research institutions in various fields.

Uniquely developed technology enables the gasification of waste biomass resources, such as agricultural residues and waste wood, which were previously difficult to use as feedstocks, making biomass energy from waste available. The system enables the conversion of energy into the form required by demand, including electricity, gas fuels, liquid fuels such as methanol, ethanol and SAF, as well as hydrogen - these can be used in a range of business models.