Features of Our Biomass Technology

Wide Variety of
Biomass Utilized

  • A wide variety of biomass is actualizable, with few restrictions on raw materials.
Specific resource burn possible Woody materials in general, sorghum, bark, waste wood, construction waste, bamboo, rice straw, EFB
Mixed resource burn Bunker beds, food processing residues, bark, plastic waste (10%)

Boiler with
high fuel efficiency

  • High-temperature combustion at 1200°C with biomass only
  • - No fire grate used
  • - Hollow 3-dimensional structure
  • - Raw materials are pre-powdered and feed into the boiler.
  • - Continuous and automatic ash and clinker recovery mechanism

Produced gas with high hydrogen content ratio

Chart of the exothermic steam reforming gasification process. The process passes through the combustion furnace, reactor, evaporator, and circulating water treatment / gas cooler in this order.
  • Higher hydrogen content than pyrolysis gasification due to the exothermic steam reforming gasification process
  • Elemental composition ratio in the gas can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions
  • Direct use of product gas enables conversion to liquid fuel through FT synthesis and gas engine power generation
  • Direct use of
    product synthesis gas

    From syn gas to generated gas
  • Conversion to liquid fuel
    by FT synthesis

    From syn gas to generated gas, and then generated gas to liquid fuel
  • Gas engine power generation

    From syn gas to generated gas, and then generated gas to electric power

Business Model

Reduce corporate costs by reusing biomass that customers could not use (but had to dispose of) as a raw material.


The raw material was mostly ash, and the only way to use it was to dispose of it as fertilizer.


Reduction of energy source (fossil fuel substitution, heat utilization, electricity) and production costs, and reduction of waste disposal costs are realized at the same time.

Example of use

1. Gasification

Gasification process

Chat of Gasification process

2. Liquid Synthetic Fuel/Hydrogen

Liquid Synthetic Fuel/Hydrogen Production Process

Chart of Liquid Synthetic Fuel/Hydrogen Production Process

3. Electric Power Energy

Electric Power Utilization Process

Chart of Electric Power Utilization Process


For those considering a business that utilizes biomass

What we can propose depends on your energy utilization needs and the raw materials you wish to consider utilizing.
The business model will differ depending if you need to utilize the resources you have on hand now or procure resources in the future.

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