Biomass Gasification System

Expanding the Potential of Biomass
Biomass Gasification System

Generating Gas from a Various Types of Biomass to Meet a Wide Range of Needs

Biomass is converted into easily usable gas through external pyrolysis and steam reforming reactions.
The energy output is tailored to meet generation demands.

Targeted products: wood waste, paper waste, tea-generated waste, vegetable waste

Unique Gasification Technology

Our biomass gasification systems employ proprietary gasification technologies developed to convert diverse biomass resources into gas. The biomass gas produced from the various resources is a highly scalable gasification system that facilitates outputs such as liquid fuel production, hydrogen production, and gas engine power generation.

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Feature 1: Compatible with a recycling society regardless of feedstock

By utilizing unused biomass (agricultural residues, agricultural waste, and industrial waste) generated in the manufacturing process of products that are already distributed for modern lifestyle demands.
Advantage possibility for projects in terms of life cycle assessment.

Feature 2: Provides high hydrogen content in the produced gas

The external thermal pyrolysis steam reforming gasification method is used to gasify in high-temperatures, oxygen-free atmosphere. The gasification process provides product gas with a higher calorie and hydrogen ratio than other gasification technologies.

Feature 3: Gas composition can be adjusted to meet your needs

By changing the operating conditions, the elemental proportion of the gas components can be adjusted.
The output is adjustable to suit the desired application method.

Feature 4: Flexible adjustment of operating conditions

Unlike synthetic fuels whose components are controlled by standards, biomass feedstock varies in composition and condition, and even plants of the same species have different compositions depending on where they are grown.
By adjusting various parameters, it is possible to flexibly respond to the demand oriented selected material's unique points when using biomass energy.


For those considering a business that utilizes biomass

What we can propose depends on your energy utilization needs and the raw materials you wish to consider utilizing.
The business model will differ depending if you need to utilize the resources you have on hand now or procure resources in the future.

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