Biomass Boiler

Innovative Structure:
A Boiler that Advances Beyond Conventional Wisdom

After about 15 years of research and development, we have realized a technology that can use any biomass as fuel. This boiler expands the possibilities of carbon-neutral biomass energy and contributes greatly to environmental conservation on the Earth.

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Patented Structure that Eliminates Conventional Issue: Converting Ash-Rich Biomass into Energy

Biomass boilers are mainly specialized technology that uses wood pellets or chips with low ash content as fuel, which are in a certain condition by limited standards. The B-series is a biomass boiler that can utilize biomass that has been difficult to utilize so far, such as branches, leaves, bark, construction waste, and agricultural residue generated as by-products of company operations that are not suitable for conventional biomass boilers due to the high ash content of our unique patented structure.

The boiler is equipped with a continuous automatic ash and clinker discharge function, which makes it possible to use biomass with high ash content as fuel, which has been difficult to utilize in the past. The ash has a low melting point and can be used as fuel, which also allows for such fuels to easily turn into clinker. The "dedicated combustion" process, in which only biomass fuels are burned without mixing other fuels, enables high-temperature combustion that can be used to meet a wide range of needs.

A Wide Variety of Biomass Actualizable

Accepts all types of biomass that cannot be used in conventional biomass boilers

Examples of boiler heat utilization

Existing heavy oil boilers and fossil fuel-derived boilers can be converted to biomass boilers to meet heat demand and convert to carbon neutral energy


For those considering a business that utilizes biomass

What we can propose depends on your energy utilization needs and the raw materials you wish to consider utilizing.
The business model will differ depending if you need to utilize the resources you have on hand now or procure resources in the future.

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