Press Release

BME’s bio-ethanol used by Honda in the 2021 Formula One season

At the Spring Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan on March 23, 2022, Honda R&D Co. Ltd. announced it had used the bio-ethanol synthesized by BME’s Technology Development Center in Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, for Red Bull Honda’s racing cars in the 2021 Formula One World Championship.

The purpose of Honda R&D’s research is to promoted the use of e-fuel, a renewable main component of F1 fuel. Red Bull Honda used the fuel developed in this research at the Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi grands prix in 2021.

Red Bull Honda driver Max Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi race using this fuel and was subsequently crowned the 2021 Drivers’ World Champion.

As a solution to the looming environmental and economic problems, BME aims to contribute to society on a global scale by developing and commercializing a wide range of biomass gasification and liquid fuel conversion technologies.

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